Poetry Scream Screaming Fun

Posted: May 20, 2011 in poetry
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The third installment of THE POETRY SCREAM, created and hosted by poet R. O’Donnell “®“, was held last night at the Boiler Room in Port Townsend, WA.  Poets and surprise guests included Amy McKenzie, Rebecca Rafuse, and an 60 year old rapper named R.O.B.!

If you write poetry and love to perform, contact us now at poetryscream@gmail.com

(photo by kannagara)

The Boiler Room is a non-profit all-ages venue for music, art, poetry, and theater.  A youth-run business, The Boiler Room fosters a culture of volunteers and celebrates community, growth, learning and empowerment of youth and the young-at-heart. We are located in the heart of a small Victorian seaport (Port Townsend, Washington State) in the Pacific Northwest.

The Poetry Scream, a fast-paced poetry reading whereby uncensored poets are unleashed at the podium, will continue every other Thursday of the month at The Boiler Room, 8pm sharp.  This is a free event.





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